Make Sure Your Outdoor Air Conditioner is Protected

Many of you have an outdoor component to your air conditioning units and that may have you wondering if the possibility of heavy rain this spring will affect its functionality. With all the rain and snow we experienced this winter in the Northern New Jersey, who knows what this season will bring. As experts in air conditioning, we decided to break down how your outdoor air conditioning unit will fair in any unpleasant weather.

Is My AC Unit Safe from Rain?

For the most part, yes, your outdoor AC unit is safe from the rain. The outdoor compressor/ condenser unit is made of aluminum, copper, or metal and built to withstand rainfall, hail storms, and snow. All electrical components of the unit are sealed and you can still use the unit during rain storms, as it will continue doing its job of cooling and dehumidifying your home.

Other Weather Related Concerns

Although rain may not pose as much of an issue when it comes to harming your outdoor AC unit, there are a few other weather related occurrences that can lead to damage or destruction.


If will take more than a few inches of rainfall to cause a flooding issue around your unit, but it is possible. Deep standing floods, typically more than 15 inches, could affect any electrical or moving parts in the unit. If this is the case, you should have an HVAC professional out to inspect your unit before trying to use it again.

Hurricanes and Other Major Storms

High winds are a fearful element of nature, no matter the circumstance. It can cause branches to fall and damage parts of the compressor such as the fan grille. Leaves, dirt, and other debris can clog the fan as well. You should examine it after any major storm to ensure the safety of your unit.

Should I Cover My AC Unit?

Technically, no you do not have to cover your outdoor unit. In fact, placing a tarp like cover over the compressor may end up damaging it instead. The tarp will restrict airflow and cause a consistent dampness within the unit over time. When this occurs, it leads to rust or internal corrosion. This can also rot wiring and rubber, destroying multiple parts of the unit.

If you feel the need to cover your outdoor AC unit and do not plan on using it for a long period of time, you may purchase a manufacturer recommended air conditioning cover that allows for proper ventilation. This will give you piece of mind through storms or the cold winter months without ruining it.

Are you concerned about the condition of your outdoor air conditioning unit this spring? Do you have questions on how to keep your unit clean and functioning smoothly? Contact Piper Heating and Cooling today to speak to a professional team member.