Keep Your House Cool with Proper Air Conditioning Maintenance

With summer a few months away and winter still in full swing, you’re probably not thinking about keeping yourself cool when the weather gets hotter. But when the temperatures start to push into the 80s and 90s, you definitely won’t want to lose your air conditioning due to a system failure.

Getting an annual AC tune-up before summer can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches down the road. Yearly air conditioning maintenance can help prevent expensive repairs by having worn parts replaced before they fail, and therefore helping to extend the lifespan of the air conditioning unit. Aside from preventing failure, an AC tune-up involves the cleaning of the system’s condenser coils, helping increase the efficiency of the unit, and saving you money from your energy bill. Annual air conditioning service can also improve the safety of your home by repairing or replacing loose or worn wiring and other electrical components that could pose as a potential fire hazard.

The Numbers

Hiring a company that specializes in air conditioning service pays off in the long run for a number of reasons. You can add several years to the life span of your AC unit, allowing you to run it efficiently for longer. The energy savings from a tuned AC unit can reach up to 15% per month compared to a non-tuned unit, which itself more than pays for the fee of actually servicing your unit.

A well-maintained unit can last nearly twice as long as an unserviced one, lasting up to 15 years as compared to seven years for neglected units. With new AC systems potentially costing north of $5,000, it is clearly in your best interest as a homeowner to get your unit to last as long as possible.

Replace Your Filter

The filter on an AC unit should be changed every other month, sometimes even more often. When using a technician for an AC tune-up, have them show you where the filter is located so that you can monitor its status.

Air conditioning units can have different types of filters depending on the specific needs of the individual or family using the unit. Certain filters are more effective in removing particles and allergens from the airflow, so if this is of more concern to you or a family member due to allergies or asthma, it’s a great idea to consistently replace your filter. Owning pets can also influence the type of filter you use, as well as the frequency in which you need to replace them.

Aside from just filtering unwanted particles, a new filter can help to generally improve the airflow in the house and reduce wear and tear on any affiliated components within the air conditions system.

If your unit is in need of an AC tune-up, contact Piper Heating & Cooling today before that summer heat comes your way!